About Me

Vikas Sharma Official

Vikas  Sharma AKA yoursviku  ( Born 10 May  1998), known professionally as yoursviku, is an Indian-born 

Social media Influencer.

Also, he has been active as a Theatre Artist, Singer, and Event Organiser. 

Early life

Vikas  Sharma  was born in a Sharma family. He went to DHSS School and has graduated in B.Tech Computer Engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune. . He gained his early popularity from Theatre in the state of Jammu. Later, He went onto do 3 cover songs which got over a lakh views on his own Youtube channel. 

Work life 

Vikas  Sharma  started his career as a theatre actor in Jammu and performed his first play “Mime Act” on (Ladakh flood incident 2010). In the following years, he acted in several plays as a part of Theatre Group,  including the acclaimed play, ”tu kyu rota hai Girdhar”, and many more.

While Vikas was at the BVU, he also did 3 cover songs, oh kyun na jaan sake/Aadat, mujhko barsaat bana lo, chaand aasmano se which got him in the eyes of over  2,71,688 YouTubers.

With his increasing popularity, he has also contributed to the glamour of Pune’s infamous Nightlife. He has  thrown 3 mega-events in the year 2018 and 2019. The Blow Out Party (Hard Rock Cafe), Hop Till You Drop (The Westin), and his latest event was Hollapalooza (CocoPune) in August 2019.

As he was actively engaged in his endeavours, he created a loyal fan base for himself on the extremely popular social media Instagram where he has  gotten  over  14k followers. With the support of his rich fan base, he has emerged as a social media influencer.